Random Stuff From My Head

LoL I’m a bigot ! XD

So apparently my opinion on affirmative action makes me a racist and a bigot @_@

didn’t know that when something denies someone based on race, it’s not called racism. I’ve heard alot of things like “well it lets in white women.” So I guess I can put down Sexist too @_@

I also heard something along the lines like

"it’s harder to be a certain race then others" 

Yes it has, and many races have over come these circumstances.

Now I know that it is harder to be a certain race then others. I also know that being a woman is Socially harder then being a man. But in the end of it all, should we really deny someone that deserves it, to someone else that didn’t do as good?

Also from what I’ve been gathering alot of people think that affirmative action really only hurts white males. Well iono ask an Asian Male what he thinks of getting denied UCLA to let in someone else.